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Let’s talk about how we’re able to offer same day bad credit loans

Let’s talk about how we’re able to offer same day bad credit loans

As a responsible, FCA Authorised same day loan direct lender, our aim is to help hard-working people get the emergency funds they need, when they need it. We don’t make you jump through hoops or spend hours being interrogated about every detail of your finances. And we don’t cut corners to offer guaranteed same day loans. We’ve found a way to help those applying payday loans in Canton for same day loans with bad credit quickly and fairly.

When you apply for our same day loans in the UK, we’ll assess your application based not on your credit report or credit score, but on whether you can afford the loan you’re applying for. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it works. We look at your regular income and outgoings, such as credit card repayments, direct debits and other credit agreements like loans and phone contracts. From what you have left over each month, we’ll determine if you could comfortably afford the repayments on your chosen same day loan.

Working this way, we can offer same day loans in the UK confidently, and with peace of mind that it’s not likely to cause our customers further financial issues.

  • Live in the UK
  • Over 23 years old, and under 65 years old
  • Have a mobile phone (we send an SMS code during your application)
  • Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card (we run a verification check that takes 1p)
  • Be in employment and take home at least ?1,300 a month.

If you have any questions about our quick loan approval process, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

About Same Day Payday Loans Applications

Unlike other same day loan direct lenders, we don’t offer guaranteed same day loans. While the vast majority of our loans are processed, approved and delivered on the same day, we pride ourselves on being fully transparent. Your application may be slowed down if there are mistakes on your application form, or if any issues are flagged up during our checks with Credit Reference Agencies and Fraud Prevention Agencies.

You can help ensure the process goes smoothly by double checking the information on your application form. It’s quick and easy, taking just a few minutes to fill out, and giving it a thorough once-over is worthwhile.

We can’t offer guaranteed same day cash loans, but we’re able to approve a great number of applications – more than we could on credit score alone

Another step you can take is to only apply for same day payday loans you’re sure you can fit into your budget. When you apply, use the sliders to change the loan amount, only borrowing what you need, and adjusting the flexible repayment term to suit. We’ll show you how much you can expect each instalment of your same day loans in the UK to be. Spreading the repayments over a longer term will make each repayment smaller and more manageable, but it can increase the overall cost of your loan as interest has time to build up. Our friendly advisors are on hand to help if you have any questions about our same day loan direct lender process.

To sum up, our same day payday loans are short-term loans with a flexible repayment schedule between 3 to 6 months. You can tailor our same day loans online to suit your needs and budget. You can borrow between ?300 and ?600, dependent on affordability checks, and we are happy to consider applicants for same day bad credit loans.

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